• Function & Performance

    Which part of the asynchronous multi-play game developed by using WAS(Web Application Server) can ProudNet be applicable to?
    ProudNet can be applicable to real-time multi-play games & protection from hacking attack. The arbitrations of mobile games that have used WAS are managed by a client, which means they are exposure to hacking attack. In order to protect the hacking attack, the arbitration must be managed by a server because WAS has a weakness for performance & response time. In this case, communication based on a socket is more effective, so ProudNet is the alternative to deal with aforementioned issues.

    What are the benefits of using ProudNet for server development?
    The remarkable benefit from ProudNet is that 1 server computer with 8-core CPU can process more than 10,000 concurrent users connected to MMO world without P2P networking and if using P2P networking, many more concurrent users will be able to be processed. ProudNet has been introduced to 120 projects, so its performance & stability have been already verified. As result of this, PourdNet can shorten development time and reduce risks such as malfunction on the server

    Can ProudNet be applicable for P2P games only?
    No. ProudNet can be applicable for P2P games as well as C/S structured games.

    What kind of game can ProudNet be applied to? Any previous example?
    ProudNet can be applied to any kind of game such as FPS, MRPG, MMORPG, online games, mobile games and social games. More information about this is found in the Mainpage.

    Which platform can ProudNet used in?
    ProudNet can be used in any platform as long as you use one of C++, C#.

    Can ProudNet be used with other client engines?
    Yes. You can use ProudNet with Unreal engine and Unity 3D that are mostly used.

    How long would it take to port ProudNet into an existing online game?
    It depends of the complexity and the size of the program. At earlier development stage, porting time would be shorter. Some of the previous cases were as short as a week and as long as few months. If a project is already in an open-beta stage, only functions not related to DB caching system can be ported.

    Is Unity 3D recommended to be used for server development?
    Unity 3D engine is suitable for client development, so developing a server with Unity 3D is NOT recommended.

    * It is highly optimized for user applications such as PC and mobile app but is not appropriate for nonstop app like server, for example, nonstop operation for 49 successive days cannot be guaranteed.

    * A process that is executed by Unity 3D engine runs 1 Hierarchy (Scene) only. This is not a problem in a client program but operating 1 Hierarchy (Scene) in a server could be a problem. In order to solve this problem temporarily, running each process of game play sessions (game rooms) in the server is required, which is inefficient.

    * The behavior script of Unity 3D engine is only executed in a single thread. In terms of convenience & high performance, operating a game client as the single thread is proper, however, for a game server; multi-core logic embodiment is necessary in some cases.

    * Sometimes the Mono Platform that is the lower part of Unity 3D engine does not perform highly as Microsoft .Net Framework does. It results in intermittent latency in the real-time game server in which response time should be regular. Features of Unity 3D as mentioned above fit in very well in client development, however, those features could cause serious problems on server development. As a result of this, it is strongly recommended that the server program should be developed by using C# at Framework or C++ rather than Unity 3D engine.

    Is there any specific reason that ProudNet supports both UDP and TCP? Is Reliable UDP support not sufficient?
    There are some cases that UDP and Reliable UPD cannot be executed normally in some communication methods that are used at 3G or 4G (LTE) and high-level security network in enterprises. In order to prepare for this kind of situation, ProudNet also supports TCP.

    Is ProudNet easy to use?
    With referring to instructions in the ProudNet Guide Page (guide.nettention.com), ProudNet use would be easier. More detailed instructions can be provided by on-site technical support if required.

    What is the probability of NAT hole punching success?
    Please refer to Verified Performance and Stability from Product on the website.

    Please explain the performance of ProudNet
    At the ProudNet-powered mobile game that is on service, 1 server process handles more than 60,000 concurrent users.  In the test bed, a server computer with a built-in 8 core Xeon is able to deal with more than 10,000 concurrent users in MMO zone.  At this time, traffic is 600Mbps.

    It does not seem that P2P hole punching and relay are novel features. Is it really necessary to use ProudNet?
    If P2P networking was done easily by P2P hole punching and relay, ProudNet would not be required. Unfortunately, various factors such as computer setting by a user, firewall, security software, defective network devices and excessive traffic do not allow smooth P2P networking. ProudNet has a built-in function to detect various unstable Internet environments and to monitor system setting by the user for the relevant action. It also provides the stable P2P networking even though peer-to-peer communication begins shortly after the time when P2P networking is needed.

    In case of NAT hole punching malfunction, what seems to be the problem with it?
    There is no problem on the communication because the server automatically relays any host and communication in which NAT hole punching fails.

    What should a developer choose between Multi-thread and Multi-process?
    It is usual to run several servers developed as Multi-thread or to start servers developed as single-thread as many as a number of CPU by Multi-process, however, it depends on each situation, so please be with technical instructions from Nettention before choosing.

    Is there any possibility to continue a game on the smartphone at the area away from Wi-Fi zone?
    WiFi Hanover is added to ProudNet. Please refer to WiFi Hanover of Product. For the existing customers, upgraded version of ProudNet may be provided without additional cost during free maintenance period.

  • How to Use

    Mmorpg programming

    Where can a developer download ProudNet?
    Nettention will send the user account information via email immediately after trial version application or conclusion of a contract. Please connect to ndn.nettention.comand log in with the account information for downloading ProudNet program.

    While using ProudNet, how are questions and improvements dealt with?
    Please connect to ndn.nettention.comand register any issue in the technical support page. Nettention engineers will provide assistance to solve the issue.

    Is there any help for using ProudNet?
    Online help can be found in ndn.nettention.com or visit ProudNet guide page (guide.nettention.com)

  • License & Technical Support

    What is the cost for ProudNet license? & what is the period of ProudNet license?
    Please inquire about the information of cost & period using Pricing section.

    What is the period of ProudNet trial version?
    The period of ProudNet trial version is 90 days.

    Is there any requisite condition for ProudNet trial version application?
    Nettention provides trial version not only companies but also individual developers.

    What is the technical support coverage?
    We mainly support network engine use and its related problems and also provide advice on game server structures you want to develop.  In case of companies who purchased our products, you may receive one-time technical service dispatch for free and afterwards, you will be charged when you request for additional technical service dispatch.

    What are your business hours?
    Our business hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.(local time in South Korea), on weekdays only. If you have any inquiries after business hours, please e-mail us by ‘Contact us‘ or visit Nettention Developers Network.