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    We are pleased to announce the release of ProudNet 1.8 version, which brings forth several noteworthy enhancements. With this latest version, we are introducing the option to select a CCUs-based license, providing you with greater flexibility in utilizing our platform. Specifically, you are now able to avail yourself of a complimentary license for up to 50 CCUs.
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    From March 21-25, ProudNet will be participating in the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco California. You can visit them at their stand-alone booth (Space #S355) at GDC in partnership with PlayDapp, a blockchain middleware provider that has gained a significant global presence with their Web 3 Partnerships, Games, and Metaverse projects.
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    On February 24th, 2023, ProudNet, announced its acquisition of AWS Partner Paths from Amazon Web Services. To earn AWS Partner Path certification, organizations must enroll in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and meet eligibility requirements for their chosen Partner Path program, which may include achieving specific AWS certifications, demonstrating technical proficiency, meeting customer success metrics, and showcasing a strong AWS-related business.
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    The PlayDapp team announced the acquisition of ProudNet, the renowned peer-to-peer server network provider. This move is seen as an aggressive step towards entering the US gaming market and is set to provide game developers with the best possible technology in terms of stability and reliability for online multiplayer gameplay.


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