1. Function/performance inquiries

Two main cases are server hacking prevention and real-time multiplayer. Most of the mobile games that use WAS as a server are responsible for the client’s arbitration, which is a problem that is easily hacked. To prevent such hacking, the server must make a competitive decision, which is disadvantageous in terms of processing performance or response time. Socket-based communication is more effective in this case, and ProudNet’s high server performance is an alternative.

With ProudNet, one server machine (based on one 8-core CPU) can accommodate more than 10,000 concurrent users traveling around the MMO world without using any P2P, and with P2P, you can accommodate more concurrent users. Because performance and reliability are already proven to be introduced into more than 100 projects, ProudNet can reduce development time and cost while reducing risk such as server down.

You can use it not only in P2P but also in games with C/S structure.

ProudNet has no limitation of the genre available. It is already used in FPS, MRPG, MMORPG, and online, mobile and social games.

ProudNet can be used on any platform using either C++ or C#.

It’s possible. It’s also available with the most popular Unreal engine or Unity 3D.

Depending on the size or complexity of the developed program, the initial stage of development will require less time to replace. In some cases, Net10TION’s customers took a short week or several months. If you have already started Open Beta, you can only replace the rest of the features except for ProudNet’s DB cache system.

Unity 3D engine is a great engine for client development. However, developing a server as a Unity 3D engine is not recommended.

* Unity 3D engines are highly optimized for user applications such as PCs and mobile apps, but they are not intended for static apps such as servers.
For example, there is no guarantee of 49 consecutive days of uninterrupted execution.

* The process running on the Unity 3D engine will only run one Hiarchy (Scene). There is nothing wrong with this in the client application.
However, only one Hiarchy drive is a problem on the server. To resolve this bypass, the server must have a process for each gameplay session (game room), which is inefficient.

* Behavior scripts on Unity 3D engines run only on single threads.
Game clients are easy to develop and perform as a single thread, but game servers often require a multi-core logic implementation.

* The Mono Platform on the underside of the Unity 3D engine often doesn’t perform as well as the Microsoft .Net Framework.
This leads to intermittent lag in real-time multiplayer gaming servers where response times must be uniform.
These features of the Unity 3D engine allow for very convenient development without any problems with client development.
However, when servers are also developed with Unity 3D engines, these characteristics lead to problems.
Rather than writing a Unity 3D engine directly, the server program is recommended to use C# in the .Net Framework or to develop it in C++.

UDP and Reliable UDP may not work with some of the communication methods used by 3G or 4G (LTE) and high-level security networks in the enterprise. To prepare for this, ProudNet also supports TCP.

You can use it easily by referring to the help on the guide page.
Please refer to the product page for proven performance and reliability.

Mobile games in commercial service handle more than 60,000 concurrent users in just one server process. In a test environment, a server computer equipped with an 8-core Xeon can handle more than 10,000 concurrent players in one MMO zone. The traffic that occurred was 600 Mbps.

If P2P communication had been easily resolved by P2P hole punching and relaying alone, ProudNet would not have been necessary. Unfortunately, various factors prevent P2P communication, such as computer settings, firewalls, security software, network devices, and excessive communications. ProudNet has built-in detection and response capabilities for a number of incomplete Internet environments and user system settings, and provides reliable P2P communication while initiating peer-to-peer communication shortly after the point of P2P communication.

What’s the problem if you can’t punch NAT hole in ProudNet?Communication itself is fine because communication with hosts that failed NAT hole punching is automatically relayed by the server instead.

In general, it is common to float multiple multi-threaded servers, or single-threaded servers, as many as CPU counts, in a multi-process manner.

Connection maintenance has been added to ProudNet. Please refer to the WiFi handover on the Product page for details.

2. Use Inquiries

You can go to Marketplace and use the link posted on the Start! page.
If you access the official website of ProudNet Naver and leave an issue on the technical support page, the person in charge will help you solve the problem according to your priority.

3. Contact License/Technical Support

Policies are published by Marketplace. If you want the On Premise version, please contact us through Contact Us.
Technical support will be provided selectively through the official website of PrudNet Naver, and will be carried out sequentially according to the priority. If you have a separate maintenance contract, technical support will be provided through the Nettention Developer Network . We mainly support network engine use and related issues, and we also provide advice on the game server structure we want to develop. If you sign a separate contract, you will receive one free dispatched technical support, and after that, you will be charged for dispatched technical support.
Weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you have any questions later, please use ProudNet Naver’s official cafe or email us through Contact Us.
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