Proven performance & reliability

Proven performance and reliability in various countries and environments
  • ProudNet based servers in operation in more than 13 countries (Korea, China, Japan, America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan, Vietnam, France)
  • Introduced by various genres such as MMORPG, FPS, action, sports, racing, etc.
  • Used in mobile game areas such as Raven, Creature Academy, Seven Knights, etc.
  • Used in on-line game areas such as vindictus, Hero Warz, S4 League, War of Mirrors, Closers, etc.
  • Used in 190 PC on-line, mobile and PlayStation 4 games.
  • Single MMORPG server successfully accommodating 13,000 simultaneously logged-on players.
  • Direct P2P Upkeep (China: 82%, Europe:80%, Southeast Asia:84%, Korea:96%)
  • Direct and relayed P2P Upkeep of 100% in China.
  • Smartphone 4G device period hole punching success rate 56% (based on Korea)
  • MMORPG Siege warfare stability 98% (Server: Shanhai, Client: Szechuan)
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