Function that adapts to network environment

It functions by considering the network environment
  • Coalesce
    Even when sending the same amount of messages, if you send data collected simultaneously at once,
    instead of sending a little by little for many times, and apply Unique ID additionally,
    you can reduce network traffic.
  • Fragmentation
    You may divide messages by considering MTU.
  • Congestion control
    Excessive UDP communication causes congestions on the network from time to time.
    ProudNet is equipped with UDP congestion control function to prevent this.
ProudNet’s adaptive network protocol is designed to handle different network conditions and use ases seamlessly. (adaptive network protocol)
Although ProudNet uses a low network protocol level, IP packet header reduction & optimization is used to raise efficiency in processing network traffic.
  • Stable Unreliable Message Protocol
    It is widely known that in gaming, UDP is unreliable but it is light on traffic and fast, making it
    a good candidate to be used for rapid event transmissions such as a character move or machine gun firing.
    For other messages, TCP is used since it is a reliable protocol. In other words, using UDP in socket API for messaging is simple but does not guarantee reliability as in using TCP.
    It also means that UDP is more vulnerable to hacking and can be less stable in diverse network environment. However, it has distinctive advantages in high action gaming due to its speed and simplicity.
    ProudNet’s unreliable messaging protocol provides much better stability than a simple UDP.
  • QoS Function in Engine Strata
    Games could cause a high volume of network traffic, latency and connection issues.
    These issues can be easily solved by ProudNet’s QoS(Quality of Service) or network Throttling.
    Especially, QoS function is useful for voice chatting in games.
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